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Year 5

Be the Best You Can Be – Theme 3

On Friday 14th February, we took part in our day 3 of ‘Be the Best You Can Be’ theme throughout the school.  At the beginning of the day, we went in to assembly where Mrs Mugglestone explained about the Winter Olympics that took place in 1988. It was based upon the Jamaican bobsled team and how they were so determined to compete in the winter Olympics. Although at times it got extremely hard and people disbelieved that they could do it, the Jamaican bobsled team never gave up. There is a film based on the Jamaican bobsled team called Cool Running’s, which is highly recommended to watch.  We watched a few clips of the film and some of the parts were extremely but in the end it showed such a clear message to us all. We also got to watch clips of the actual event and the highs and lows of the events that took part for them.

Throughout the day, we looked at different values that we feel are important to us. Here is a list of some of the values that we came up with:

  • Happiness
  • Friendship
  • Achievement
  • Determination
  • Courage
  • Religion
  • Family

We looked at different scenarios’ that may challenge the values that are important to us. Such as:

–       If you value friendship, what would you do if a friend treated you badly?

–        If you follow Islam, what would you do if your friends told you “Eat that sweet. It’s not Halal but nobody would know!”

–       If you value self-image, what would you do if a class mate who smells unpleasant sits next to you?

In the afternoon, we looked at the values that we felt were important to Brendan Reilly the Olympian High Jumper. After that we looked at the Olympic and Paralympic values in more detail and came up with words that relates to them. These are:

The Olympic values are:

  • FREINDSHIP-e.g. being supportive and sharing.
  • RESPECT-e.g. listen to the views of others and avoiding interruptions.
  • EXCELLENCE- e.g. ‘Being the Best You Can Be ‘and setting high standards.

The Paralympic values are:

  • COURAGE-e.g. trying new things and taking risks.
  • DETERMINATION-e.g. keep going when times are difficult and NEVER giving up.
  • INSPIRATION-e.g. finding self-motivation and striving for success.
  • EQUALITY-e.g. being fair and avoiding injustice.

Year 5 have learnt so much about different values and the importance to sticking to what is important to you and following your dream…

As I always say to 5LG, you can do this, if you believe in yourself!

5LG Daily Dash By Fatoumata


We were going to Paris for the summer holidays, however we had to leave our tiny dog, Weezil, at home.  Mum said she wouldn’t dare to leave Weezil at home by himself. So she brought him to Granddad’s house. Granddad loved Weezil and plus it was his birthday. Mum said that was his birthday present, living with Weezil for a month. As we were leaving Weezil, he jumped as high as he could to lick my face, but he couldn’t. I looked at my hand and my silver ring was gone! We were already in the car at this time and if I had told my mum she would’ve have freaked out because it was my Great, Great Grandma’s ring. Plus you could never replace the ring… What should I do??

Sadly, we didn’t get the 100 word challenge it was over by 33 words! Report back next week to see if we have made the 100 word challenge.


The Midnight Fox Book Review

The Midnight Fox by Betsy Byars

Reviewer: Jennah

The Midnight Fox is a great opportunity for you to read and feel as if you are part of the book.

The book is all about a young boy called Tom who has to go to Aunt Millie’s farm whilst his parents cycle around Europe. One day at the farm, he spots a black fox! He tries to defend the fox because it took all of Aunt Millie’s chickens. However, one afternoon Uncle Fred says to Tom ‘you and I will go after the fox’. Will Tom be able to save the fox and her cubs in time?


Skullion Display

In  Year 5, last term, we were reading and exploring a book called ‘How to be a Pirate’ by Cressida Cowell. The children were really engaged with the book and loved doing a range of activities to explore the characters, setting and dragons within the book. At the end of the book, year 5 produced a leaflet about the Isle of Skullions to persuade pirates to visit the spooky Isle of Skullions. Finally, once complete we have displayed a wide range of leaflets on our Year 5’s display for the Isle of Skullions along with other pieces of super work by the Year 5 children.

Keep up the fantastic work Year 5 and let’s keep exploring, what will we find next???

DSCN1194 DSCN1193 DSCN1192 DSCN1191


Over the last half term, we have been focusing on a book called ‘The Midnight Fox’. Whilst reading this book we have produced many different pieces of writing about the book. Such as: persuasive arguments either for or against fox hunting, a letter to Tom’s friend Petie and many more interesting activities.

11/2/14 – Today we acted out an interview between Tom and a newspaper reporter  regarding the recent events within the story of where Tom rescued the fox cub in a horrendous storm. The types of questions, we came up with were: What did it feel like when you finally got the cage open? How do you think Uncle Fred is going to react? What made you rescue the fox cub?

After that, we thought about a variety of headlines that we may use if we were to write a newspaper report on the recent events at the Farm.

Such as: ‘Boy Rescues Defenceless Cub in Horrendous Storm.’

Keep up the good work 5LG…


This week 5LG have been looking at fractions within Maths and we have discovered a really good song to help us digest fractions.

Understand my fractions
I understand my fractions, yeah
I understand my fractions
I understand my fractionsBut what do fractions look like? well one tenth looks like 1 over 10 one fifth looks like 1 over 5 one eighth looks like 1 over 8 one ninth looks like 1 over 9Take a look at the bottom number It’s called the denominator All it means is that the object or amount Is split into this many equal groupsSo I I asked for one eight of a pizza You have to split it into eight equal pieces Then you’d have to give one to me It’s not too tricky don’t you see?
It’s so catchy and look forward to hearing it more…

Friday 18th October

The whole of year 5 went on a trip to the Guildhall in Leicester to learn about Ritcherd 3rd and Tudor life.

When we arrived a man called Mr Dale took us to put our lunch boxes away and then we went on a Tudor trail around the streets of Leicester. We talked about where Richerd 3rd slept the night before he went to Bosworth to fight – the White Boar Inn. He took his own bed because he couldn’t sleep in any other. When he was killed the landlord who owned the inn painted the boar blue and changed the name to the Blue Boar Inn so people didn’t think that he was a supporter of Richard 3rd.

Next we went back to the Guildhall and a archologist from the University of Leicester talked to us about how they discovered the body of Richard 3rd.When they dug him up they also found coins, tiles and some lettering.

Then we went to Richerd 3rd exhibition it was really interesting. There was a big touch screen ipad with information about Richard 3rd. Then we moved on to the cells we had a turn to look in them and we were told what they got to eat.

The day ended with us taking part in a Tudor court room drama.


Friday 11th October

Its been a really busy week in year 5. In literacy we have been role-playing the witches and acting out when they were turned into mice after eating the soup that contained the delayed action mouse maker. What a noise we made!

We have been learning all about fractions,decimals and percentages in maths. Our favourite part was when we had to turn fractions into their decimal and percentage equivalants.


Tuesday 24th September

Today in Numeracy we revised our times tables in our numeracy jotters and after that we recapped on our word problems from yesterday and did the same today.


In literacy we learnt about Bruno Jenkins and that he turned into a mouse however  the boy also into a mouse as well.Then after we did designed a missing person poster when Bruno Jenkins was missing and described how he disappeared.


Friday 13th September 2013

In Literacy we have been reading The Witches by Roald Dahl.    witches2  We have used the description of the Grand High Witch to help us write a character description of our own witch. We are so excited  to read the next chapter of Bruno Jenkins.


In numeracy we have been learning subtraction methods such as a number line and if we finished we were challenged to learn how to work through  the decomposition strategy.

In topic we became archeoligists for the afternoon! We were given a tray full of soil and challenged to dig up the bones of Richard 111.


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