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At Merrydale we have set up new blogs – every class in the school now has their own class blog. Please check out our new blogs by visiting:


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Class Dojo 2

I am saving up my dojo points, so I can go on an end of year school trip. I have 61 dojo points up to now and the school trip costs 1000 points. So I need to collect lots more dojo points! I am positive that I can get enough dojos. Wish me good luck.


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Secondary School (The City Of Leicester Collage)

Hello, everyone first of all i just want to say a massive thank-you to the year 6 team with in the subjects. Secondary school is going really well i really miss the teachers and all the people that used to be in my class also all of the boys and girls that i used to have jokes with. Secondary is reall good my school is really massive and there reward schemes are really good and  also the subjects i really enjoy, especially Science i am in set 2 which is the second highest set because there are 4 sets. So far we are studdying Animal and Plant cells we als made our own slides so we can use a microscope to look through the eye piece use the fine focus knob to controll where you want the slide on the stage to be, and use the stage clips to grip on to the slide so it wont fall. The teachers have odered a book that we want and i will be getting the book  Jinx. I really miss it and will hopefully visit maybe on Friday the 16th because it is teachers day at our school therefore we have a day off.

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My homework for the trip to Kingswood by Ayesha 6GW

On the 2nd October yr 6 went to a phenomenal place called Kingswood. To look after us our caring teachers and staff (Mrs.Williams, Mrs Laurence, Mrs Raymond, Mrs Davis, Mrs Hackett and Mr Ganger) gave up their own time, their own weekend just so yr 6 could have this amazing time. At Kingswood we did a variety of different activities which, included Zip-Wire ,Go-Karts, Climbing, Abseiling, Team Challenge, Quad Bikes, Fencing, Low Ropes and  Archery. Another thing we enjoyed was the food which was mouth watering. There was a big selection of food like veg sausages, lasagne (Mrs Davis’s favorite dinner) ,Fish burger, Spicy Meatballs, soup and many more. In nearly all of the activities we had to use a special skill called TEAMWORK! We were all in 4 groups, there was group d, e, f, g and all of the teams got along really well.We stayed there for 2 nights and came back on the 4th October. There were 4 rooms for the children and the boys floor was upstairs and girls was downstairs. In every room there were 14 children and you had to do your own beds and wake up at 7. We all hope that the rest of the school enjoy their visit to Kingswood(If you go) because we know that we did!!

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Be the best you can be day!

For our Be the Best you can be day we learned about teamwork. We played some games and got dojo points, our new reward scheme, if we won. We learned that it is good to work together and you get much more done. I really like Be the Best you can be day because we get a break from the normal lessons we do at school and get to do something special and fun!

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The Vikings

Today we are learning about Vikings. They used to build long ships, long and narrow so they could go fast. They also used to steal and invade. They also had invaded a part of England and their main city was called York.

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Class Dojo!!!

Class Dojo!!!!!

This year we started a new reward scheme called Class Dojo. Class Dojo is when you collect points for teamwork, helping, on task, participating, persistence and working hard. Have fun on Class Dojo and earn lots of points for prizes!!

For example-art session with Mrs Lambert, P.E. session with Mr Lemmon, cooking lessons, missing homework for a week. The ultimate prize is a surprised end of year trip!!!   I wonder where it will be…….


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Be The Best You Can Be

Be The Best You Can Be Day is a very special day because we  work in teams and the special word TEAMORK!!!!!!!!! We had a magical day it was so fun to explore. It is amazing how well we work together. We had to find problems.

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the new book how to train a dragon

The book we are reading is called how to train your dragon  and how to be a pirate a it is a brilliant book for some of us .  The main character is Hiccup who wants to be a Viking pirate and he is fighting agaist  his own tribe  also he fights other warriors. The
characters are Hiccup, Stoik the vast , his dad, who is the leader of the island on The Island of Berk. Fishlegs is  Hiccups best friend Toothless is Hiccups dragon. Snoutlout Hiccups cousion , Dogsbreath Hiccups enemy because  Hiccup fort with him at the start.

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Our Local Area

Year 6 have begun a local history topic. We have been looking at aerial photos and historical maps and identifying changes that have happened in our local area over time.

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An outstanding day for year 5 and 6

Merrydale Juniors year 6 winning the goals 5-a side has truly shown the future generation what a team is like. Including many goals as well as teamwork  many other qualites. Coming first place on the table, it is a very proud moment for the members of staff and especially the children. The year five team have achieved third place which is a fabulous place, Considering there were many tough challenges throughout their day.


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hey people!!!

I’m in year 8 now.

It feels really nice to be high up in years

it doesn’t take that long to be so high up in the school

so hurry up and enjoy your primary years!!!


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